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Receive your Swedish Fall Box with our exclusive membership prices. For every product you keep, we’ll make room for one of your pre-loved items of clothing which we will recycle for you.

How it works?

How it works

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Get access to your member box

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Pick and mix the items you want to receive In your box

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With every product you keep, you’ll make room for one of your old products

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Send your box back to us

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What happens to the old products I send you?

All products that are returned to us will be sorted by our recycling partner. In the recycling process the products will be defined by their recycling status. We distinguish between recyclable, non-recyclable, usable and non-usable. Recycable products that consist only of one fabric will all be recycled differently depending on the fabric. Items that can still be worn will be shipped to Africa or Middle East by our recycling partner. For products that don’t consist of only one fabric, but a mix of several ones (polyester+spandex; nylon+spandex…) there’s no recycling technology on the market yet. However, materials like these will go towards wider environmental endeavours. Our vision is to contribute to the recycling industry and to invest in the research and development of new recycling technologies that can make that happen.


Which clothes can I send to you?

You can send us whatever items you like (doesn’t matter which brand) that either have a percentage of cotton or polyester.


Can I keep new products from my box, If I don’t send anything recyclable back?

You can keep deals from your box, even if you don’t have a piece of old clothing that you’d like to return. Despite the fact that our concept is based on „closing the circle”, we totally understand that not everybody is able return something from their wardrobe.

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15. May 2020
Excitement with every box
I randomly discovered you on Instagram and honestly have to say that it was a lucky strike. I visited your website Immediately. After testing your products for the first time and approving them, I decided to sign up for a member box. No matter if you’re working out in the gym or running outside, your activewear is wearable for literally anything. I´m just happy to have joined this community and to be able to be a part of this sustainable movement.

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Less than 1% of all clothes are being recycled – it´s time to make a change! We will recycle or reuse all your old leggings, sports bras, shorts, joggers, sweatshirts and whatever else is no longer worn in your closet.

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of all clothes from the fashion world are currently not being recycled.

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product is barely worn.