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Returns & exchanges

What does our return-policy look like?

How do I return a product?

Is the return free of charge?

Can I exchange a product?

What if my product arrives defective?

What to do, if I receive the wrong product?

How long does the refund of the purchase amount take after receipt of the return?

Can I also have the refund amount credited with a voucher?

Can I also hand in my return in person?

Swedish Fall Box: All the details

What are the shipping costs?

Manage your box

Swedish Fall Box

Tell me more about the Swedish Fall Box

How do I become a member?

Am I trapped in a contract?

Who is your recycling partner?

What happens to the items I send back?

Which items can I send back to you?

Can I keep items from my box without sending back old ones?

Can I send back clothes from other brands?

Do you ship plastic-free?

Are your products sustainably manufactured?


Can I get a notification when a product is available again?

How do I become part of the Team SWEDISH FALL?

Can vouchers be purchased from you?

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